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The SOTA Bio Tuner is an
easy-to-use relaxation product to relieve stress.

The Bio Tuner is designed to create a broad range of harmonic frequencies that help the body relax, promote health and enhance well-being.

To use the Bio Tuner, simply put ear clips in place and turn the unit on. The SOTA Bio Tuner features an automatic built-in timer for 20-minute sessions.

The Bio Tuner specifications conform to those of the physicist who originally designed the unit. It outputs a broad range of harmonic healing frequencies.

The Bio Tuner is covered by a 3-year parts and labor warranty on all internally mounted components. The Bio Tuner is CE certified and RoHS compliant.

The SOTA Upgrade Program: Purchasing a SOTA product entitles you to upgrade your original model to the newest model - at any time - at a discount of up to 50%.

I purchased the Bio Tuner and can't begin to tell you how happy I am with it. I had never actually known what it felt like to be truly happy or excited about anything. It took 25 days with 20 minutes on Mode 1 twice a day morning and night to turn me into a new man. It literally changed my life. Thanks to SOTA for making this possible.

Adam D., Australia

The SOTA Products User Guide

This Guide offers tips and suggestions for each of the SOTA Units:
  • Just starting out? ... See Recommendations Before You Begin.
  • Using more than one Unit? ... You'll find tips to help.
  • Wondering how to Integrate the Units for your Wellness? ... There are recommendations for a Basic Wellness Program and a Focused Wellness Program.
  • Embracing Wellness? ... You'll find tips for an Ongoing Wellness Program.
The SOTA Products User Guide - English
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The SOTA Products User Guide - Spanish

How to Use Videos

This video gives step-by-step instructions to use the Bio Tuner. (16:14 minutes)

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I.S., Washington, USAI use the Bio Tuner whenever I am under high stress, such as traveling internationally to teach seminars, or before speeches ... I use it when needing to perform mentally at a higher rate.
I.S., Washington, USA
N.Z., South AfricaI have to say how delighted I am after my first month using the Bio Tuner. It is the most wonderful experience to once again be able to feel centered and focused in meetings.
N.Z., South Africa


Picture of Accessories
Accessories Included
One (1) Cord
One (1) Pair Ear Clips
Two (2) Pair Conductive Rubber Electrodes
One (1) Arm Band with Clip
One (1) Carrying Case
One (1) Product Manual
One (1) 9-Volt Alkaline Battery

Product Manual
Each unit comes with a manual that explains how to use the unit.
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Peter Veenstra, British Columbia, CanadaI felt a lot more relaxed. I began to enjoy simple, everyday activities a lot more. I felt more joy and spirituality. I am calmer and less aggressive making me a nicer guy.

Peter Veenstra, British Columbia, Canada

Connie K., Illinois, USAI started using the Bio Tuner for about 25 minutes per day. A couple of days later, I could feel a little lifting. Then a couple of more days passed, and I felt a little more lifting. On day 7, I woke up and knew I was back to myself. That was 5 years ago.

Connie K., Illinois, USA

The SOTA Wellness & Relaxation Kit

Picture of SOTA Wellness & Relaxation Kit Model: KWR $1,134 USD

The SOTA Wellness & Relaxation Kit includes four SOTA units.

  • 1 Silver Pulser SP7
  • 1 Magnetic Pulser MP6
  • 1 Water Ozonator WOZ5
  • 1 Bio Tuner BT9
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The SOTA Premium Wellness Kit

Picture of SOTA Premium Wellness Kit Model: KPW $1,786 USD

The SOTA Premium Wellness Kit includes the six SOTA units.

  • 1 Silver Pulser SP7
  • 1 Magnetic Pulser MP6
  • 1 Water Ozonator WOZ5
  • 1 Bio Tuner BT9
  • 1 LightWorks LW2
  • 1 LightWorks Hand Paddle Set
  • 1 YumaLite YL2
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